Which is the Ideal Choice: Nectar VS Endy Bed

Which is the Ideal Choice: Nectar VS Endy Bed

 Gone are the days of walking in to the regional retailer and walking out moments after having bought a new bed without any fuss. Generations would purchase a very simple coil mattress with pockets for relaxation and a few would buy a box spring to not just add elevation to the mattress but also to provide a secure base on which the mattress would rest.

This is not quite true for purchasing a new mattress at the 2018 year. This is not always a bad thing, since you've got many improvements over the years in terms of quality and design to best suit each individual's requirements. The differing types of beds available on the current market vary from but are not restricted to updated coil spring mattresses or memory foam mattresses, or latex mattresses, or even hybrid mattresses that united a few components from every popular kind. All these mattresses featured modernized technology and design with a greater emphasis on contouring the body to the proper alignment, which eliminates common aches and pains from individuals who wake up in the morning with muscle aches or kinked joints. It can overwhelming if trying to choose what mattress will best suit your individual body type and specific needs but with a bit of advice, you may earn a well-informed decision and invest your hard-won money sensibly. Growing in popularity at a steady rate are memory foam beds because of their consistent contouring skills, breathable fabrics and above high comfort level. Two of the very recommended brands are the Nectar Bed along with the Endy Bed, so let us take an in-depth look at why one of these could be the mattress for you!


Construction of the Nectar Bed


The Nectar Bed is 10 inches of numerous layers of memory foam designed to support the body and extend proper alignment from head to toe when earning the prestigious evaluation of CertiPUR-US Certified. This usually means that the foams used in the various layers of this Nectar Bed are totally free from any ozone depleters, lead, mercury and other harmful agents. These multiple layers of memory foam provide a restful slumber without that sinking feeling that most memory foam mattresses can possess.

 1.Top Layer -- Terence Cooling Foam

 The Nectar Bed has a top cooling coating made from Terence cooling foam, keeping with the assumption of a pure memory foam mattress. This layer provides breath ability and assists release some trapped body heat which can build up during the evening. Trapped body heat will rise to the peak of the sleeping surface, which can result in night sweats and other general comfortableness. The most frequent criticism when it comes to memory foam mattresses is they sleep too hot, with no breathability or moisture wicking. The coating of Terence cooling that is constructed at the absolute top of this Nectar Bed reduces this criticism, which can be appealing to those who suffer from excessive body heat. Another benefit of this Terence cooling layer is the fact that it is clinically proven to withstand bed bugs, because actually, who desires those around?

 The second layer of this Nectar Bed is composed of just one inches of quilted gel memory foam that cradles your body form to the proper positioning, contouring perfectly to the natural alignment of your spine. Employing quilted gel memory foam reduces heat from the sleeping surface also may provide an increased breathability, enabling air to circulate through the mattress. This gel feel also obviously repels moisture, leaving the occupant dry and cool during the evening.

 3.Third Layer

 The third layer of the Nectar Bed is 3 inches of gel memory foam. While similar to the one inch layer of gel memory foam, it doesn't have the quilted pockets for greater air flow but rather offers maximum support to the body through contouring properties. With a gel memory foam at the Nectar Bed also allows for a individual's or people's body fat to be evenly distributed across the suitable pressure factors for pain relief.

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  1. Fourth Twist --Adaptive Memory Foam

 The fourth layer which exists in the Nectar Bed is a 0.5 inch layer of elastic memory foam whose function is for healing. This layer of memory foam adapts to your distinctive body type and offers bounce throughout the mattress, very similar to natural movement.

 Fifth Twist -- Base Layer

 The final fifth layer of the Nectar Bed is 5.5 inches of thick supportive base foam which not only supports the sleeper but also the mattress itself. It enables the mattress to keep the arrangement and shape, even with daily use. This layer is thick enough that a foundation or box spring doesn't need to be utilized but rather leaves that option up to the discretion of the sleeper.

Firmness of a Nectar Bed

 On a rating scale of one to 10, with one being a tough, immovable object like a rock and 10 being gentle as a feather with no support; the Nectar Bed now holds a stability score of 5.5. This translates to some medium-firm mattress that adjusts to multiple body types and distributes body weight evenly, regardless of your favorite sleep position. People who are back sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers have reported that having a Nectar Bed has decreased the amount of pains and aches that one could experience through a night of slumber. Possessing a score of medium-firm additionally reduces motion transfer, allowing the occupants to get a full night of rest without feeling the shifting or movement of their partner.

 Feel of a Nectar Bed

 The Nectar Bed has a plush and organic memory foam feel to the skin. It has been described as gentle but lavish, allowing the body to sink into the mattress to a decent level. The quilted pockets of memory foam also allow for a soft coating where the body rests, although adding pressure into the mattress, it is easy to feel the contouring ridges of this gel memory foam.

 Unique Characteristics -- Nectar Bed

 The Nectar Bed is compatible with all bed frames and not only one that's available for additional costs through the manufacturer. This feature is attractive to people who don't need to spend extra money on buying a specific bed frame when they already have a perfectly good one in your home. Nectar Bed's guarantees that your mattress may be used with a typical slatted bed frame, box spring, platform or base, as well as elastic foundations. If for any reason your mattress framework doesn't encourage the Nectar Bed, the free yields and 365-night trial leaves you with plenty of time to visit this choice without adding extra expenses to the return of this bed. Using a bed frame can also increase the durability of the mattress, as it encourages the edges of the bed to avoid wear while allowing the bed to keep its shape and structure even after years of daily use.

 The Nectar Bed has a unique characteristic in the Tencel heating layer. This is the absolute top layer of the Nectar Bed, which is also known as the comfortable layer. Possessing a heating layer as the top of your mattress does add relaxation to the mattress as the most frequent complaint is that a memory foam mattress may sleep hot because of trapped body heat. Trapped body warmth in a mattress is one of the most popular leading causes of night sweats, which can cause frustration and irritability from waking up soaked in the morning. Damp conditions may also worsen respiratory problems and skin ailments. People who suffer from both these items will get a recommendation from their reliable healthcare professional to use a mattress and bed sheet set that has cooling properties and higher breathability.

 Structure of the Endy Bed

The Endy Bed is 10 inches of elevation, built using three layers of poly memory foam of varying inches that also contains a mattress cover. The substances used in the Endy Bed are Canadian-made but additionally offers consumers a CertiPUR-US Certified rating. This rating ensures that the foams used in this mattress are eco-friendly and safe to customers of all ages. The Endy Bed is also compatible with nearly all bed frames and service systems, which is good for consumers who already have a bed frame in good condition and can eliminate additional expenses.


  1. Cover for Mattress


The Endy Bed does provide a attached mattress cover that's made from a polyester stretch blend. The stitching which can be used in the construction is allegedly micro-quilted, which not only provides a cozy feeling but in addition helps with air flow, allowing air to flow throughout the mattress to provide a cool sleeping surface. This cover is easily removed from the mattress and may be laundered right in your home, provided you adhere to the specific cleaning instructions found on the label. Machine washing is a choice for the Endy Bed mattress cover, and also a cool-warm temperature onto a normal cycle is recommended. The cover can also be dried in the clothes dryer, making it easy to freshen your mattress throughout your weekly cleaning duties.


  1. Best Layer -- Proprietary Poly Foam


The top layer of the Endy mattress is just two inches of proprietary poly foam that is called Endy Foam. The texture and feel of the layer has been compared to that of a gel memory foam also has a soft texture that supports the body for relaxation. During this coating is a gel infusion which can help circulate air through the mattress, which allows for a cooler sleeping surface.

 Third Layer

 The secondary layer of this Endy Bed is a three-inch-thick layer of polyfoam that delivers help to the sleeper while still providing a comforting soft coating. This is the start of the support foam which preserves the shape and structure of the mattress, along with distributing body weight evenly. One the common complaints regarding a memory foam mattress, together with it being too hot for sleeping, is that they have a much better sensation as soon as you're laid on them. Using a layer of polyfoam such as this, provides enough bounce and movement to avoid the sinking sensation but nevertheless providing support without being overly firm.

 Third (Final) Layer -- High Definition Polyfoam

 The third and final coating that consists through the Endy Bed is a five-inch-thick layer of high density polyfoam. This coating acts as the support for the bed and maintains the structure of the mattress without compromising on comfort. Over time a mattress can lose its form and the sleeper will experience diminished border support but utilizing a thick layer of high density polyfoam offers longevity to the Endy Bed. It's deep compression ridges that also supports the body of the sleeper whilst supporting the arrangement of the mattress .

When using the same rating scale as explained above with the Nectar Bed, the Endy Bed rated roughly 4.5 on the scale. This puts this bed slightly softer than the Nectar Bed but with enough firmness to encourage the body. The stability level of this Endy Bed will encourage and contour to your body regardless of your favorite sleep position. Consumers reported waking in the daytime with no aches or pains while sleeping on their fronts or fronts. Endy Bed just comes in the one firmness level, irrespective of the dimensions selected. The maker is an online retailer that offers a decent return policy, together with a 100-night complimentary trial system if you decide that the firmness level isn't something you are familiar with.

 Feel of an Endy Bed

 The feel of this Endy Bed is comparable to that of other memory foam mattresses. It is cushiony and tender, giving a light sinking sensation as pressure is applied to the correct points across the body. The cushiony and soft feel of the Endy Bed, combined with the soft-medium degree of firmness throughout the mattress, allows for a comfortable experience whatever the place you currently find yourself sleeping in. If you use your bed for work-related tasks, as a desk or analyzing, most customers reported no tailbone or lower back discomfort when sitting on the Endy Bed for a protracted period of time.

 Unique Characteristics -- Endy Bed


High Density Polyfoam


The Endy Bed includes a thicker than ordinary layer of high density polyfoam, which will entice those who do not want to use a base or additional support system with their mattress. Utilizing such a thick layer of poly foam -- an astonishing five inches -- may also increase the longevity of this Endy Bed. Structural integrity of a mattress could be compromised within a year but with a thick layer of high density foam can ensure the durability of the mattress.


The Endy Bed is constructed with only Canadian materials that are of high enough quality to meet the criteria of their CertiPUR-US Certified score. There are many consumers that reside in Canada that is going to need to pay expensive transport and custom prices to purchase a mattress through other nations.


Possessing a Canadian retailer that offers a high-quality product to Canadian customers is a definite incentive for all those living north of the border and can broaden the scope of mattress shopping.


Which One to Find

Nectar Bed

A Nectar Bed provides a lifetime guarantee and a complete year (365) times of trial nights, which can be attractive to those that are unsure if they are going to like a memory foam mattress. Having free trial nights which lasts more than a month allows people the option of trying the Nectar Bed for an extended period of time and throughout multiple seasonal adjustments. It's the easiest way to completely test a new type of mattress and can provide you and your spouse insight on what you're searching for in your own mattress. With 10 inches of reassuring height topped with a cooling of Tencel cooling foam, it can provide relief to those who suffer from night sweats or naturally sleep hot, even in the winter season. The design layers of quilted gel memory foam and gel memory foam supply added pockets of relaxation whilst aligning the entire body (like inner joints and muscles ) to the appropriate positioning needed for a fantastic night of slumber. Waking up in the morning without feeling aches and pains throughout the body makes it possible for a person to live their best quality of life.

Endy Bed

The endy mattress hot douglas mattress review offers exactly the same height as the Nectar Bed but with less layers of diverse foam. With free shipping within Canada and being assembled with Canadian-made substances, it becomes attractive to customers in different countries beside the USA. The guarantee of the Endy Bed along with the trial period is more on par with other honored mattress manufacturers. Endy Bed offers their customers a 100-night trial period, which is enough time to fully test the mattress in multiple positions, but it can hard to gauge temperature control. A 10-year guarantee can be more than sufficient because most mattresses are at the end of the life-span around this period of time.

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